Who we are and what we expect:

Please arrive 10 minutes early.  Our expectations are that you make sure your shoes are tied, your shirt is tucked in, and you mind is LOCKED IN for the start of every practice.

-  Water Bottle
-  Your brand new Reversible practice jersey
-  A basketball with your name on it

If you will be missing practice, please contact your coach directly.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to all gameS.  Let your coach know when you have arrived at the venue.

-  Water Bottle
-  Healthy Snacks (most tournament locations have a snack bar but not all)
-  Wear YOUR NEW uniform jersey and shorts
-  Wear YOUR NEW LOCK IN long sleeve shooting shirt over uniform top for warm-ups
- Bring basketball shoes TO PLAY IN

If you will be missing a tournament, please contact your coach directly.


When will the season begin and end?
The season will begin the beginning of November and will conclude at the end of February.

How many teams will there be?
The teams will be for Girls 4th - 7th grade.

How many games will a team play during the season?
Each team will play between 35 – 45 games. All games will be played on the weekends - on Saturday, Sunday or both. Rarely will a game be played on a weekday.

How often will the teams practice?
There will be 2 practices/week throughout the season. Each practice is structured and created to maximize player development.  There will be a 3rd practice added on Fridays twice a month run by CSB Trainers for a minimal cost to ensure momentum and sured up fundamentals headed into tournaments and games on the weekend.  It will also be a great way for the girsl to get in the gym with fellow Wildcats of all ages to have fun playing the game with their new family. Our primary goal is to instruct the players on fundamental skills and train them until they achieve success.  There is a process to player development as well as personal development.  We are confident in the process and the people that we have put in place to lead your daughter's on the path to being the best basketball players and people they can be.

Where will the teams practice?
Each team will practice twice a week at the Western Springs Rec Center, Laidlaw School, or the Lyons Township South Campus.

Who is eligible to participate?
All players are welcome!

Who will coach my daughter’s team?
Coaches who are committed to making player development the primary focus to their time spent with your daughter.  All coaches and players grow and develop and we are confident in the structure and Higher education oppportunities that we have put in place. (ie video tutorials, Christopher Spartz basketball Certified Trainers and access to former Professional and College Coach Christopher Spartz as resources.) 

How does the grade school teams fit in with The Wildcats?
Grade school games will be a priority over Wildcat practices or games. We want every player to enjoy the thrills of playing for their school.